Confidently communicating change to practitioners.

Change management can be challenging. But with an effective, planned strategy of communications that delivers supportive messaging, it can be a brand building experience.

Inform Invisalign practitioners that new development updates to a core service will cause disruption over the period of a week. 

Create a series of well-timed, sensitively written, positive email communications focussed on the service benefits of the new developments and what they would mean for practitioners.

Instead of each communication being apologetic and dry, they were seen as an opportunity to build the Invisalign brand. Of course, they properly outlined the service outage, but looked to reinforce the benefits of the new advancements and the positive impact they would have on practice performance.   

Response to each communication was measured to ensure practitioners were being informed and a series of 'emergency communications' created, reserved for any unexpected circumstances.  

An example of an Invisalign Commercial responsive email sent to practitioners

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