Individualism of the many

“We need a redesign for our corporate website. Plus an additional 70+ customisable websites to rollout across UK dental practices – to a tight deadline.”

Not a problem for Rally.

In a nutshell.
Batting seven other creative agencies out of the running to be chosen by pioneering dental group: Portman Dental Care, Rally designed, built and launched a new, sleeker corporate website. Not only that, but tailored and rolled out another 70-odd, customisable websites to meet the unique needs of each individual practice.

Just how did we do it?

Portman puts patients first. Rally stayed true to the brand's vision and values.

The challenge.
The Portman challenge was twofold: first to find a solution that would enable Portman to have personalised websites for each practice in a way that stayed true to their brand. The group’s core values hinge on quality, consideration and personal service, and they provide an astounding 38 treatments across their estate. The second challenge was to implement this to a schedule – a tight schedule.

“Flexible, scalable and, of course, beautiful.”

Multiple Portman websites, personalised for each practice.

Luckily for Portman, we have a knack for flexing our technical capabilities to form creative solutions that work – and a whole lot of industry experience to leverage. For Portman this manifested as a robust central Craft CMS that was flexible, scalable and, of course, beautiful.

The solution.
Maintaining brand identity across such a large estate was crucial, but equally so was practice autonomy. Every Portman dental practice has unique strengths, so every website had to mirror both the Portman brand and their own USPs.

In short, Portman required a CMS website that could be tailored for each practice, as well as the ability to manage all sites from the same place.

So, the Rally team developed a solution designed to provide practices with a set of predefined templates and style guides. This gave them freedom in design, content and layout within the CMS. The solution was quick and easy for practice staff to build and use, yet customisable to give each practice a feeling of ownership and identity within the brand.

Updating the Portman practice websites using the CMS.

The process.
With so many practices on the Portman books (there were 30 practices at the initial briefing stages, but now that figure sits close to 80), we also had to take a flexible approach. Working with an ever-evolving company, the project had to have room to breathe.

“Projects really start to fly.”

Yet, there was also that tight, tight deadline. This is where we honed down the planning. With a good plan comes a firm goal, and when we’re both working towards the same goal, then projects really start to fly. We’re not talking hard lines, but practical, transparent plans that continue to achieve and drive success. Schedule revisions created realistic benchmarks and enabled successful outcomes.  

The support.
Communication is king, especially in such a hands-on project as this, with plenty of moving parts. Rally built a strong, clear and communicative relationship with Portman, and continue to be a source of support, assisting in the build of websites on behalf of many practices. We also help to maintain brand consistency, and liaise with other agencies who contribute to the Portman brand, such as SEO and PPC specialists.

“A strong, clear and communicative relationship.”

With any project, you can never be sure of what challenges are around the corner (sometimes no amount of planning will save you), but Rally’s consistent support means that anything is possible. In the face of some fast-paced deadlines, we were able to step in and take the reins, and some of the workload, from Portman to maintain momentum and continue to meet their targets. The results speak for themselves. 

The result.
Rally worked at rapid pace to deliver roughly three websites a week, to an ever increasing list of Portman practices. The tone of voice and overall brand has been aligned and strengthened, and the platform houses both the Portman Dental Care corporate website and all their individual practices. For Portman this means everything is one place and easy to use.

As the last remaining practices get up and running, even more exciting projects are in the pipeline with Portman.

Helping to get practices up and running with easy to use mobile and
tablet websites.

Portman Dental Care.
If you haven’t already heard of them, Portman Dental Care is an award-winning group of private dental practices, founded by business entrepreneur and amateur jockey Sam Waley-Cohen. People are at the heart of the Portman group, and it strives to be the best rather than the biggest. That said, it’s pretty big. In fact, this is the leading private dental group in the UK, at nearly 80 practices strong, and continuing to grow.