Let’s talk, not sell. Let’s show, not baffle.

“A picture speaks a thousand words.”

In a nutshell.
Dentally is up against some big competitors in the dental software game. They came to Rally to hone their user journey, to create a seamless narrative that would build upon the brand they had established to date, and support its growth. Dentally wanted to see faster conversion rates, and this SaaS company knew that Rally not only had the technical expertise and creative flair to implement their vision, but that we know the dental industry inside out. Our industry knowledge and technical expertise was the perfect match.

The challenge.
Dentally’s main objective was to have a consistent end-to-end user journey, and a website that would really speak to their audience. They wanted to increase engagement and drive traffic, and that meant a website that behaved impeccably on any device, to deliver a clear and consistent message to their audience at every touchpoint. As a company promoting cloud-based software to dentists, it needed to communicate a crucial message to those practices struggling with older, server-based software.

Simple, smooth organisation on any device.

The solution.
The solution lay first in honing the content; in finding Dentally’s voice, and creating a captivating yet succinct narrative to promote a solution rather than a list of software features. We wanted to help them talk to dentists, not ‘sell’ to them. By refining their tone of voice, we could give Dentally a more concise and approachable voice – and one that would be supported visually. This was the second stage of the solution. Dentally’s personality and engagement lay in the story we could tell using illustrations, great UX design, and words. With all three in sync, the user journey would be clear, and call-to-actions could more easily drive conversion. The third stage of Rally’s solution was to create a CMS that was flexible, easy-to-use and custom made for Dentally, so that they could retain control of their content once the project was completed.

“The story we could tell using illustrations, great UX design, and words.”

A clear, consistent voice supported by illustrations.

The process.

You’ve heard the saying 'a picture speaks a thousand words'. In this case a picture had to show multiple processes. Here at Rally, we have a very talented illustrator with an uncanny ability to visualise pretty much anything. As part of their redesign, Dentally specifically wanted to incorporate illustrations. So, pretty soon they had their own Dentally characters, and straightforward and creative visuals that supported a friendly tone of voice. They make understanding Dentally’s services easy and relatable.

As a SaaS (Software as a Service), Dentally uses cloud-based technology to make day-to-day life in a dental practice as smooth and seamless as possible. However, as with any SaaS, it’s possible to lose the features in the technicalities, and often the user is lost in the features. These illustrations help bring to life just how Dentally can help practices ‘work smarter’. Using scenarios and our Dentally dentists, they make the product more tangible, and ‘speak’ to the audience rather than ‘tell and sell’. 

The illustrations also nicely incorporate the screenshots of the software in action. While on Dentally’s previous website these screenshots had been the only visual references for a potential user, Rally has now given them some context and visual appeal. We also strengthened their branding by keeping closely aligned with Dentally’s colour palette.

Illustrations narrate how this SaaS supports dentists in practice. 

The support.
The website was not only designed to take the user on a clear journey, but also developed to be hassle free for Dentally too. Close communication with the team meant that we could deliver a bespoke CMS to meet their exact needs, while our client account team kept everything running smoothly to schedule.

“Not only designed to take the user on a clear journey, but developed to be hassle free for Dentally too.”

The result.
The new Dentally website puts the customer’s needs first. Now it’s easy to discover just what the company offers. UX, illustrations, videos and text all support a clear user journey in a streamlined and approachable website that speaks as one voice for the company to its audience. In order to help drive traffic and increase conversion, it’s also now clearer what action the user needs to take on any given page, with visible buttons promoting a free Dentally trial, or the opportunity to speak directly to a member of their support team. Now, whenever a potential Dentally customer lands on their website – whether that be on mobile, an iPad, desktop or laptop, they’ll know exactly what to do.

Clear, solution-led features that are easy to digest. 

Dentally is a cloud-based dental software, designed help practices run more efficiently and to take away the background stress and hassle of daily admin tasks. Covering four key areas: reporting, integrations, clinical excellence and patient management, they are helping practices across the country transition from server-based software, such as R4 and SOE, to the cloud.