Making a UI, UI (unbelievably intuitive).

Anyone can design a digital product. But creating an indispensable everyday tool that's instantly intuitive requires much research, design, testing and development. 

Create an intuitive user interface that allows anyone in a practice to use it, on any device, anywhere.

A simple, clean, focussed UI that lets the content lead the design. Familiar icons and design interactions were used to ensure the tool was adopted easily by the user. Many 'live updates' were also introduced as a part of the tool's functionality, ensuring it gave a real time overview of practice events.

Many iterations of the designs were developed and tested to ensure they were optimised and fit for purpose. Feature developments continue to be incorporated into weekly 'sprints' and future releases are planned well into 2017.

DenGro+ Version 1

DenGro+ Version 2

DenGro+ Interface Designs

DenGro+ user interface: Today

DenGro+ user interface: Leads: Filtering

DenGro+ user interface: Leads: Filtering

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