Planning the automated communication journey.

In today's channel neutral environment, understanding and planning prospect conversion communications is a complicated, but rewarding process. 

Create a channel neutral communication plan that warmed prospects through to conversion. 

Today's consumer journey is complicated. A linear, single journey rarely exists. Instead, consumers hop from one device to another, making tracking and reporting challenging.

DenGro+ has been designed to intelligently and automatically track and plot a prospect's journey, reacting to their interactions accordingly. For example, if the prospects happens to fail to respond to a particular channel, DenGro+ recognises the failure and deploys the same creative message via an alternative channel. This approach continues until the prospect completes one of the predetermined communication journeys. 

The data from these journeys is tracked, reported, processed, analysed and applied to new prospects who enter the funnel, creating more effective, responsive communications.

DenGro+ automated journey tracking reporting

DenGro+ journey planning

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